Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu
Positive Reviews92%
Updated On09/02/2023
Game ModesSingle Player
GenreFighting/Martial arts/Chinese style
USD 29.99
About This Game
First person VR Kung Fu combat against a variety of different opponents, with a variety of different fighting styles, tactics, special moves and back stories. Defeat the Dragon Master.. and the rest When a powerful, ruthless master emerges in the world of martial arts, it awakens many emotions. From the ambitious master looking for a challenge, to the wronged peasant sworn to revenge, to the jealous emperor who wants to be the sole ruler of the people, it brings out many people to fight each other and achieve their own goals. Step into your own kung fu movie inspired by colourful characters inspired by Chinese and Hong Kong martial arts movies across the decades. Whether you fancy playing as an old wise master, or a young gifted female kung fu student, or a shaolin monk, bruce lee inspired character, samurai or a ninja there's bound to be someone for you... Symmetric Physics Based Combat 'When you learn how to adapt, you will be unstoppable... When you redirect your opponents energy: you force him to change. So in essence he defeats himself.' Block attacks with your hands or forearms, or bob and weave, push their arms out the way, or move about, how you fight is up to you. But your opponents might use different strategies also, so you must learn how to foresee their attacks and how best to attack them. You opponents all have the same controls as you, no advantage, no disadvantage. Except on easier levels they will have less strength - they will also have their speed and intelligence reduced. Variety Fight in different scenes an atmospheres inspired by movies, like the dark Red Flower Cult, the misty bamboo forest, kung fu school, (early 20th century) boxing ring + many move 40 different characters that have various colourful costumes and have their own special moves to learn and use. Each character has their own fighting style to fight against aswell as a perk and a weakness So, take a deep breath, make a fist and prepare to battle your way to victory
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Space Required980.6M
Version1.0.6 (09/02/2023)
PublisherClique Games
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LanguagesSimplified Chinese, English
Supported Player ModesRoom Scale, Standing
Supported PlatformsPICO Neo3 Pro, PICO Neo3 Eye, PICO Neo3 Link, PICO 4, PICO 4 Pro
Supported ControllersHeadset, 6-DOF Controller