Peaky Blinders:The King's Ransom
Positive Reviews85%
Updated On2023-10-31
Game ModesSingle Player
GenreAdventure/Shooters/Crime/Puzzle solving
USD 29.99
About This Game
Step into the GRITTY UNDER WORLD of the Peaky Blinders and help infamous crime boss Tommy Shelby in the quest to find Winston Churchill's missing Red Box. Dive into England's CRIMINAL UNDERGROUND, face iconic characters from the TV show, uncover a nation-staking plot, and battle through the TREACHEROUS STREETS 1920s streets of Birmingham! Based on the critically-acclaimed TV sensation Peaky Blinders. Includes four DLCs with over 2 extra hours of content! • COME FACE TO FACE with iconic characters from the show, including Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his hot-headed brother Arthur (Paul Anderson). • UNCOVER A PLOT that puts the whole country at stake. How far will you go for redemption? • TAKE THE FIGHT TO YOUR ENEMIES in thrilling, fast-paced shootouts where you'll need to improvise to stay alive. • IMMERSE YOURSELF in locations from the show including The Garrison Pub, Charlie’s Yard and the Shelbys' Betting Shop. THE STORY SO FAR. It’s 1928, and you’ve been fleeing the firing squad for over a decade. Turning to Tommy Shelby for help, you become embroiled in the hunt for Winston Churchill’s Red Box: a briefcase containing the identities of every British agent around the globe. As you're drawn deeper into England’s criminal underworld, you find yourself at war once again. Enemy factions are closing in, and they all want the box. Keep your wits about you, defeat the odds and bring back the box… BY ORDER OF THE PEAKY BLINDERS!
Motion Sickness:Reported by very few users
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Space Required11.3G
Version23.10.27 (2023-10-31)
PublisherMaze Theory
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LanguagesEnglish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian
Supported Player ModesRoom Scale, Standing, Sitting
Supported PlatformsPICO 4, PICO 4E, PICO 4 Pro, PICO Neo3 Link, PICO Neo3 Pro
Supported Controllers6-DOF Controller