El Dorado
Updated On07/06/2023
Game ModesMultiplayer, Single Player
USD 2.99
About This Game
In the highland jungles of South America lies the mythical city of gold: El Dorado. Putt your way through the ruins of an ancient civilization, massive monuments to animal protectors, and misty passageways to untold fortunes. Join in the search for lost cities, lost treasures, lost balls, putters, and just maybe the perfect game of Walkabout Mini Golf.
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Updated On07/06/2023
PublisherMighty Coconut
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PermissionsStorage, Microphone
LanguagesKorean, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese
Supported Player ModesRoom Scale, Standing, Sitting
Supported PlatformsPICO Neo3 Pro, PICO Neo3 Link, PICO Neo3 Eye, PICO 4
Supported Controllers6-DOF Controller