Monthly Pack #17: Moments in Japan
Updated On09/07/2023
Game ModesSingle Player
USD 4.99
About This Game
Celebrate the beauty of Japan in this exquisite pack! Wander through the tranquil ambiance of the Shokoji Temple Entrance and savor the intimate moments at an Izakaya Restaurant. From the timeless elegance of the Edo Suit of Armor to the modern charm of a Japanese Vending Machine, this pack offers a delicate journey through Japan's enchanting landscapes and traditions – a beautiful escape for all who cherish Japan. Included Puzzles: Shokoji Temple Entrance (Max. 400 pieces) Flowers in a Chozuya (Max. 200 pieces) Izakaya Restaurant (Max. 400 pieces) Edo Suit of Armor (Max. 400 pieces) Osechi Bento Box (Max. 400 pieces) Japanese Vending Machine (Max. 200 pieces)
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Space Required111.1M
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PermissionsStorage, Microphone
LanguagesKorean, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese
Supported Player ModesRoom Scale, Standing, Sitting
Minimum Game Version2.29
Supported PlatformsPICO Neo3 Pro, PICO Neo3 Link, PICO 4, PICO Neo3 Eye, PICO 4 Pro
Supported Controllers6-DOF Controller