Bounce Shot
Updated On03/08/2024
Game ModesMultiplayer, Single Player
USD 9.99
About This Game
Bounce Shot is the family-friendly version of the popular college game! Players take turns attempting to throw ping pong balls into their opponent’s cups, making them disappear. The first player or team to remove all their opponent’s cups wins. But there’s a twist… Bounce shots can remove two cups in one go, but also allow the defending player the chance to swat the ball away. From the same folks who brought you the critically-acclaimed, Eleven Table Tennis, this game is simple to learn but deceptively challenging to master. Use the motion controllers to adjust the speed and angle of your throw to outthink and bluff your opponent. And trust us on this one… the satisfaction you feel when you sink a perfect arcing shot into an opponent’s cup NEVER gets old. Bounce Shot is a game suitable for all ages and skill levels, even those who are brand-new to VR. Want your grandparents (or your grandchildren) to have their first crack at virtual reality? This is the perfect game to introduce them to the experience. Bounce Shot features include: -3 stunning play environments with awesome original music -Practice mode for perfecting your play -AI opponents of 5 different skill levels -Private rooms for you and up to 7 friends -1v1, 2v2 or 1v2 multiplayer matches
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Space Required433.4M
Version2.1.2 (03/08/2024)
PublisherFor Fun Labs
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LanguagesEnglish, Simplified Chinese, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Italian
Supported Player ModesRoom Scale, Standing, Sitting
Supported PlatformsPICO 4 Pro, PICO 4, PICO Neo3 Link, PICO Neo3 Pro
Supported Controllers6-DOF Controller
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