VR Speech Trainer
Updated On04/18/2024
Game ModesSingle Player
GenreEducation/Language learning
About This Game
Presenting and visualizing are decisive key competencies in the digital working world of tomorrow. Only those who present and communicate convincingly will win people over in the digital transformation. The intuitive VR Speech Trainer gives even inexperienced virtual reality (VR) users the subjective feeling of being immersed in a virtual world of experience. The interaction of the latest game and virtual reality technologies creates almost true-to-life lecture situations and thus a maximum of immersion. The virtual world offers users gamified training scenarios to practice their individual presentation and communication techniques. Personal presentation materials are uploaded to the user-friendly content platform and then transferred to the VR headsets via an activation code. Direct feedback is crucial for the training effect. For this purpose, the lecture is transcribed in real time. At the same time, volume, voice modulation, talking speed and the filler words used are evaluated. In addition, non-verbal communication with the audience is analyzed on the basis of eye contact, movement, posture and gestures. All recorded parameters are then summarized in a personal report on the content platform. The plug & play training method developed specifically for the VR Speech Trainer motivates self-directed, explorative learning and also promotes the organizational integration of virtual learning formats into everyday working life. Security and data protection have top priority. All data and reports are stored under the user name. Only the user has access to the personal data. All personal data is processed and documented in accordance with GDPR. The VR Speech Trainer is the result of a joint research project with the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Its didactic and technological approach is based on the latest scientific research findings. An accompanying scientific study conducted in parallel underpins the didactic approach.
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Space Required445.2M
Version1.7.1 (04/18/2024)
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PermissionsStorage, Microphone
LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Supported Player ModesRoom Scale, Standing, Sitting
Supported PlatformsPICO Neo3 Link, PICO Neo3 Pro, PICO Neo3 Eye, PICO 4E, PICO 4, PICO 4 Pro
Supported Controllers6-DOF Controller, Headset
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