Pistol Whip
Positive Reviews95%
Updated On05/28/2024
Game ModesSingle Player
GenreShooters/Rhythm/First person shooting/Abstract
USD 29.99
About This Game
**NOW Available in Arcade: VOIDSLAYER - Hero's Dawn, Fields of Crimson Fury, Steel and Starfire** Enter: the ultimate action hero. Pistol Whip is a physical action-rhythm game where film-inspired gunplay and blood-pumping beats collide. Blast, duck, and dodge your way through fever dream Scenes, build unique rhythms in a ballet of bullets, and claim glory on the leaderboards. Hey Trigger-happy: meet symphonic fury. Winner of VR GOTY at the 2020 DICE Awards, this Physical FPS is fueled by dynamic tracks, dreamscape visuals, and easy to learn, tough to master gunplay. Inspired by iconic action cinema, the only thing that goes harder than this title’s soundtrack is you. Conquer the leaderboards, flow to the music with your own rhythmic patterns, or go all out as a dual-wielding deadeye with nothing to lose. Game Features An Action-Rhythm Rush. Take aim and fire on the beat as you barrel through Scene after Scene. Find your flow, rack up points, become unstoppable. The Big Gun: That's you. Take on special Scenes inspired by iconic movies, and become deadeye legend. Absurdly Customizable. Dig into the Styles system to overhaul core mechanics to your exact preferences. Make Pistol Whip a part of your fitness routine, or tweak your loadout to fit your accessibility needs. Endless Ways To Play. Tackle over 35 unique Scenes, bag daily Contracts challenges, and always stay tuned for the next big content update. Cinematic Campaigns. Ride into the wild, wild west with Smoke & Thunder, or face down a technicolour Robopocalypse in 2089. A Dancefloor Fever Dream. Fall into vivid fantasias, shimmering nightmares, and skylines that pulse with the beat—then blast your way back out. Songs To Get Reckless To. From Devora's furious desert rock to the driving basslines of Apashe, this soundtrack will have you feeling invincible. Story Campaign: Smoke & Thunder A notorious gunslinger re-emerges to roam the Old West in search of her missing sister, unwinding a deep conspiracy on the cusp of the industrial revolution. It’s time to don your best cowboy hat and go guns-blazing to the wild West, where trains run amok, Tesla tech buzzes at every turn, and dynamite blasts dance across the sky. Story Campaign: 2089 The cybernetic future is here, and it needs the perfect hero. It needs you. The 2089 campaign features a gritty sci-fi story and five linked scenes. Step into the cyber-augmented body of John Asimov, wielding a brutal new arsenal to battle an off-world plague of killer machines — all set to a sweet synthwave soundtrack.
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Space Required1.5G
Version1.5.65.209 (05/28/2024)
PublisherCloudhead Games
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LanguagesEnglish, German, Japanese, Korean, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian
Supported Player ModesStanding, Room Scale, Sitting
Supported PlatformsPICO 4, PICO Neo3 Link, PICO 4 Pro
Supported Controllers6-DOF Controller, Headset