Undead Quest
Updated On02/29/2024
Game ModesSingle Player
USD 8.99
About This Game
Undead Quest is a VR rogue-lite wave shooter where your main weapons are a bat and a magic ball. Hit, dodge, and slash your way through thousands of fun-filled undead foes, crafting your unique skillset in every gaming session. STORY Step into an epic journey as the student at a magical university and a rising star in the enchanted cricket league. One day, after celebrating your semi-final victory, you wake up in the forest and find yourself facing waves of quirky undead. Where did they come from? Who brought them into your world? You should figure out what’s going on. HIT, DODGE, SLASH, REPEAT. Your primary weapons are a bat and a magic ball. Master your skills and kill the undead from a distance or use the environment to make a combo kill and don't forget to dodge or fend off ranged attacks UPGRADE AND BUILD ULTIMATE SKILLSET Collect the points and choose from dozens of available upgrades - augment your ball with devastating powers, or perhaps lay deadly traps or set explosive mines. Or maybe you're a wizard at heart? Unleash the full potential of your magical abilities with awe-inspiring gestures! Summon meteor showers, icy comets, and furious whirlwinds to obliterate your undead foes in spectacular fashion. ONE MORE RUN Uncover the mystery of the undead by completing the story mode or see how long you can survive in survival mode. The game sessions are roguelite-inspired, so each playthrough and skill set you create will be unique.
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Space Required3.6G
Version1.0 (02/29/2024)
PublisherClique Games
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Supported Player ModesStanding, Sitting, Room Scale
Supported PlatformsPICO 4 Pro, PICO Neo3 Link, PICO 4
Supported Controllers6-DOF Controller, Headset
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