Rampage Agents
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Bijgewerkt om03/29/2024
GamemodiMultiplayer, Een speler
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Over deze game
I. Game Payment Mode Adjustment Explanation 1. The game will be free to download! 2. The Adventure mode will offer a trial version (supporting single-player, normal difficulty, and the first level). Multiplayer and subsequent content need to be unlocked with R coins; players of the Adventure mode trial can still unlock weapons, chips, and upgrade talents for that phase. 3. The Battle Royale mode in the game is free to play; it can be played immediately upon download. 4. Ways to obtain R coins: ① Battle Pass (Christmas version will update this system, expected on December 20); ② Seasonal Challenge Activities; ③ Purchase via recharge. Recharging in the game can earn a large amount of R coins, directly unlocking the Adventure mode. II. Compensation for Existing Users After the transition to free-to-play, existing Agents will receive 1,000 R coins as compensation (please check your in-game Mailbox). III. Benefits for New Users All new Agents will receive 10 Rampage Packs as a gift (please check your in-game Mailbox). IV. Future Update Plans 1. Fun adventure modes: ① Around 3 main chapters and 5 bosses ② Around 80 maps ③ Around 49 monsters ④ Around 45 weapons ⑤ Around 150+ items ⑥ More challenging difficulties 2. More comprehensive battle royale mode: ① Each Agent will have an Ultimate skill and a Tactical skill ② Around three new agents with different abilities update per year ③ About two new Battle Royale maps with different themes update per year ④ Melee combat will be added ⑤ Weapons, items, training grounds ⑥ Yearly Battle Royale tournament 3. Within the first 12 months of the release, limited-time modes will be made available: Arena, Zone Control, Box-pushing 4. More varied weapons and skins made available as season goes on 5. Team system We look forward to your joining, your suggestions are very important to us!
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Vereiste vrije ruimte2.0G
Versie7.6 (03/29/2024)
Privacybeleid ontwikkelaar
MachtigingenOpslag, Camera, Geluid opnemen
TalenVereenvoudigd Chinees, Engels
Ondersteunde spelersmodiKamerschaal, Staand, Zitten
Ondersteunde platformsPICO 4 Pro, PICO 4, PICO Neo3 Link
Ondersteunde controllers6-DOF-Controller