VR Skater: SL
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Bijgewerkt om06/23/2023
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VR Skater: SL is designed from ground up for VR to give you the most authentic, challenging and immersive skating game ever. Imagine the board under your feet, the rolling sound of the wheels against the fresh concrete before you pop that perfect ollie. Utilising the most innovative input mechanics, allowing unparalleled board control only before seen in real life skateboarding. Using your hands to mirror the movements your feet would usually make, provides a unique perspective and ground-breaking level of control. The sense of fulfilment experienced upon perfectly executing even the most basic tricks, is something that never leaves you! With manuals, grinds, slides, grabs, and finger tricks to master – you’ll be led through the in-game Academy Park, getting you to grips with each of these. On graduating the Academy, you will be equipped with all the skills necessary to navigate your way through the 5 tour parks, and ranked parks. Each of these is inspired by global street skateboarding championships and provide their own individual challenges with countless lines and combos to carve out. For those wanting to test their hang time skills – head to The Mega Ramp! An unlockable big air fans paradise to test their mettle by launching across the. chasm whilst nailing the perfect trick. Throughout all this you’ll enjoy XP, medals and trophies whilst you hone your lines to jostle for position on the global leader boards. That hard earned XP can be exchanged in the game’s skate shop – an entire VR skate shop giving you those familiar vibes whilst you pick out your new grip-tape, trucks, wheels or deck! VR Skater: SL promises a high-octane and challenging experience like no other see before in video games! Catch you park side!
Vereiste vrije ruimte2.4G
Versie1.1 (06/23/2023)
UitgeverPerp Games
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MachtigingenOpslag, Geluid opnemen
Ondersteunde spelersmodiKamerschaal, Staand, Zitten
Ondersteunde platformsPICO 4, PICO Neo3 Link
Ondersteunde controllers6-DOF-Controller