Ultimate Air Hockey VR
Bijgewerkt om09/14/2023
GamemodiMultiplayer, Een speler
GenreOntspannen wedstrijd/Sport
USD 9.99
Over deze game
Ultimate Air Hockey VR brings the excitement of scoring the winning goal to all ages! With incredibly realistic physics, the game brings the exhilarating sensation of playing Air Hockey to life. Feel the satisfying thud of the puck as it glides across the table and experience the thrill of making precise shots and strategic moves. Master the Table in Solo or Multiplayer Action! Play solo against AI or compete with friends in multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. Challenge your skills and see who can become the ultimate Air Hockey champion! Unleash Your Style Customize your experience with cosmetic options for paddles and pucks. Personalize your game with different colors, patterns, and designs to make it uniquely yours. Explore Exciting Arenas Explore a variety of locations, from sunny beaches to futuristic airships. Immerse yourself in different environments and enjoy the thrill of playing Air Hockey in stunning virtual worlds. Air Hockey Action in Your Own Space Set up an Ultimate Air Hockey VR table right at home in MR Mode. Bring the fun to your living room and feel the joy of scoring the winning goal!
Vereiste vrije ruimte1004.1M
Versie1.0.124 (09/14/2023)
UitgeverFragments World
Gebruiksvoorwaarden voor ontwikkelaars
Privacybeleid ontwikkelaar
MachtigingenGeluid opnemen
TalenEngels, Vereenvoudigd Chinees, Duits, Japans, Koreaans, Frans, Spaans, Italiaans
Ondersteunde spelersmodiZitten
Ondersteunde platformsPICO 4 Pro, PICO 4, PICO Neo3 Link, PICO Neo3 Pro
Ondersteunde controllers6-DOF-Controller 
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